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All Users of the Visvar website, www.venoraworld.com (“the site”) are bound by these Terms of Use along with the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. In the event of unwillingness with the same/disagreement with any of the Clauses, this site and the Services on the same shall not be accessed. Access of the site is deemed to be an implied acceptance of the said Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer, and these in conjunction with each other constitute an electronic contract,  which is legally binding on Users. Access of the site is also indicative of the Users' consent to have these in an electronic form, which consent may be withdrawn by cease of use of the site.

Also, these Terms are subject to periodic changes/revisions, which are binding on Users with effect from the date of such revisions. Users shall keep themselves updated, and act in compliance with the same. Any act of non- compliance will lead to termination of their account.

We, at www.venoraworld.com extend our hearty welcome to all Users. This is a one-stop-shop for all your requirements. Your access of the Services on the site is strictly regulated by these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

Eligibility and age restrictions:

Use of the site is restricted to individuals above 18 years of age. Use of the site by minors is strictly prohibited.

Avail of the Services on the site implies that the User has the right, capacity and authority to enter into this online contract, and s/he agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the same.

Use of the site may be governed by different laws in various geographical locations. Users shall comply with the laws of the country from which they access the site.


Users are required to obtain registration on the site by sending an email from an active email id, which is regularly accessed by them. A User Account is so created, and other Personal and General Information of Users will be collected on the site as set out in the Privacy Policy. In the event any of the Information provided by Users is found to be incomplete/false, Visvar may immediately terminate the account without providing a prior notice to Users.

Users who obtain registration on the site as aforementioned will have access to the entire site and each section of the same. This is inclusive of ads and promotional materials.

Management of User Accounts:

Users shall be solely responsible for protecting the confidentiality of their email ids and passwords, and they shall ensure that there is no unauthorised use of their account.

Users agree and acknowledge that they shall raise no claims against Visvar for any loss/damage caused to them as a result of their breach of this condition.

Non-registration of purchase:

In the event a purchase made by a User is not registered on the site due to network issues, the network operator is responsible for the same, and he shall initiate resolution of disputes in relation to the same.

Sale of Products:

The site acts as a virtual platform for exhibition, promotion and sale of the Products of Visvar namely, western wear for women, sarees, accessories and masks (“the Products”).

The site connects Users and sellers with each other, and also facilitates other formalities incident to the sale of Products.

Display of Products:

The display of Products on the site is on an “as accessible” basis.       

The depiction of Products on the site is only a sample of the visual appearance, and it may not provide the exact visual depiction. Users agree and acknowledge that Visvar shall not be liable for the disparities/variations in the actual appearance. This is inclusive of the colours of the Products, which would appear differently on a virtual platform.

Costs of Products:

The site displays costs of Products, which are subject to change in accordance with the prevailing market rates. Users may not be intimated of such changes.

Guidelines for use of Products:

Products are to be washed as per the guidelines on the stickers failing which the colours might fade off. Users agree and acknowledge that Visvar shall not be liable for such loss of brightness in appearance due to careless handling.

Exchange and Return Policy:


In the event a User intends to exchange a purchased Product, s/he shall make a request for the same on the site. Such exchange is entertained only in case of size mismatch.

Return of Products:

In the event a User intends to return a purchased Product, s/he shall make a request for the same on the site. On receipt of the request, the Product will be taken in return, and the amount paid will be refunded to her/his account or added to the wallet subject to the following conditions being satisfied, which apply for exchange as well:

  • The request is made within 15 days from the date of delivery of the Product.
  • The Product remains unused in the original packing.

Visvar shall carry out a Quality check to confirm that the said conditions are satisfied before the exchange/return is effected.

Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights:

Visvar shall be the sole and exclusive owner of their trademarks and copyrights. Users agree and undertake that they shall not indulge in any action, which would amount to infringement of the same. This is inclusive of replication of the content on this site.

Unlawful use:

Users agree and undertake that the Services on the site will not be used for any unlawful purpose. In the event Visvar comes to know of any such eventuality, they will immediately terminate the User account in addition to initiation of legal actions.

Term and Termination:

These Terms in conjunction with the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer shall remain in force as long as the User account is active. Users may terminate their account at their discretion. Visvar is also entitled to terminate User accounts in any of the circumstances listed out here above in these Terms without providing a prior notice to the Defaulting User.

Even subsequent to the termination of a User account, this contract shall remain effective except for those obligations, which are fully satisfied.

Shipping of Products:

Visvar provides shipping services for delivery of Products. However, Users are required to provide the accurate address and contact details. No Product will be taken in return, and no refund will be issued in the event Products are returned due to inaccurate address and details.

Applicable Laws:

These Terms and Conditions are electronic records in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and its subsequent amendments.

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